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The emergence of smartphones and tablets has made mobile app development/web applications an increasingly popular trend among businesses worldwide. The majority of entrepreneurs stay confused about how to build successful apps for their companies, while those who have invested heavily in app development are yet to unlock the full potential of their investment. 

As new platforms evolve, like Android, IOS, Windows, etc., the ever-changing nature of mobile app development makes it harder for people to get updated,cross-functional, and future-built applications. The App development process results from experience, constant experimentation, and organic evolution. 

At Direct Design Media, we ensure that the apps we build mirror your brand perception with every click, tap, or swipe. As a result-driven company, we celebrate nothing more than building best-fit apps for the most complex client challenges. Whether it be native IOS or android app development, web design, or software development, our team of expert mobile app developers focuses on giving you the optimum ROI.

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Optimize to maximize! 

An individual spends a large chunk of his time using a mobile application during the day. To be precise, people spend an average of 85% of their time on mobile apps while using smartphones. But they do not download and use multiple applications and only stick to the popular ones. Hence, the competition is fierce to be one of those popular valuable apps. 

Therefore, it becomes necessary to optimize the mobile application strategically from a marketing perspective to stand out from the saturated market. At Direct Design Media, our mobile app development team ensures that your application gets built on the following standards.

  • The application projects your brand and is consistent with the messages your customers receive elsewhere from the organization. 
  • The app is useful and adds value to your customer’s time. 
  • Use creative and inviting images to attract your customer. They help in luring the customer to click and download the app. 
  • Ensure that your app description is thorough and contains the keywords. It will tell the app store that your app matches the user’s search query. 
  • Regular updates and maintenance of your app to keep the user engaged and prevent him from leaving. 

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Understand & Build

It is the first phase of the mobile app development process. In this, we understand all your requirements and project a layout plan. Mobile apps run on different operating systems, and the most popular ones include: Android IOS Windows After knowing all your requirements, we use a variety of application development methodologies like agile and waterfall to build the application. Our in-house mobile application development team divides the entire project into tasks, and each covers your app’s API, backend, and front-end environment. After this, your application gets tested repeatedly to get rid of bugs in the programming.

Release & Monitor

Every bit and piece of the application is well-tested before it reaches the end users in this phase. It is deployed smoothly to its intended environment, for instance, the Apple App store or Google Play Store. Having achieved a successful launch, you then have a mobile app in use by your target audience. As we proceed further, the monitoring or maintenance phase begins. At this stage, we provide ongoing support by enhancing your application around evolving needs.


Once the app is built and delivered, user traffic won’t gain traction unless the app gets marketed well. If the application does not reach its potential growth, there is a loss in ROI. Our mobile app developers are experts in creating scalable applications with an engaging yet easy-to-understand UI and are developed strategically, keeping in mind a marketing perspective

Make Your Vision A Reality

Our agency builds dreams, and your app is nothing short of that. After successfully developing mobile applications for our clients in the top business hotspots of the world, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Pennsylvania, etc., it’s time to build yours.


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