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Social Media Marketing that enhances your social outlook

We all trust our peers more than advertisements every day of the week. Whether you want to sell a product or a particular service, social media plays a pivotal role in making your brand consumer-friendly. That’s where we step in. Direct Design Media is a trusted marketing agency that builds effective social media marketing campaigns for businesses and organizations to enhance their online presence.

Considering social media is essential as a means of generating business that gives your competition an edge over the industry. You must know the strengths of social media management and the various platforms used to broadcast your services or make them “viral”.

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Content Creation in Social Media Marketing

SMM depends on good content and how you present your product or service. There are multiple platforms to get the job done, and the most frequently used are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The strategy for marketing is different for all of them, and trying to operate every social media platform in the same way, is a recipe for poorly run accounts. You have to know the strengths of each platform, and Direct Design Media offers comprehensive social media marketing solutions to achieve that.

Social Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook remains the number one social media marketing platform having more than 2.5 billion users. If your customers aren’t here, they are probably nowhere. Facebook allows you to provide daily status updates, post content, and utilize other sponsored ad features. Our social media marketing services include complete Facebook marketing solutions. We have an in-house team specializing in Facebook optimization. Our strategy revolves around page setup, organic and paid ad campaigns, performance analytics, and audience expansion.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the new talk of the town. It is host to creating visual content, which profoundly impacts your users. Its growing popularity has made this social media platform a must for every business owner. With the right strategy, you can channel it into your top lead-generation platform. Our social media marketing agency has an expert team of Instagram marketers who use visual content and paid ads to build a connection with the Instagram community. Our strategy uses real-time data to create high-quality content relevant to your product or service.

Twitter marketing

Twitter is the most dynamic and fast-paced social media platform. It is used for brand awareness and establishing perception with the audience. It is also a great social media platform for making big announcements regarding your company and its services. Our social media marketing services cover comprehensive Twitter marketing solutions. We have a team of social media experts who proactively participate in trending topics and engage with your audience.

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Social Media Management

Managing multiple social media accounts is not a layman’s job and requires focus and strategy. Direct Design Media offers comprehensive social media management solutions to businesses and organizations by assessing their current marketing campaigns and tailoring solutions based on their goals and requirements. We analyze the ongoing practices and provide the most optimum way forward.

Social Media Brand Management

Social media has become an effective tool for rapport building and brand awareness. At Direct Design Media, we have highly skilled social media experts who closely monitor online behavior and activities. They further relay the information to our content team and researchers to develop a customized strategy for improving your brand value and increasing your customer base.

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Direct Design is your one-stop social media marketing agency with an in-house team of experts creating industry-tailored strategies to ignite your brand’s presence in the online realm. Social media is our passion, and we have helped businesses grow into well-known brands. We spread our services across various locations, including New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, etc.



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